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You Can Stop Humming Now, stories from Dr. Daniela Lamas

Air Dates: June 9-11, 2018

The remarkable strides made in medicine, such as the interventions that keep people alive, and the choices those technologies present to both patients and doctors, have been lost in a lot of the political debate about healthcare. Dr. Daniela Lamas, documents those choices and their consequences in a beautiful new book, You Can Stop Humming Now: A Doctor’s Stories of Life, Death and In Between.

Daniela Lamas is a pulmonary and critical care doctor at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital and faculty at Harvard Medical School. Following graduation from Harvard College, she went on to earn her MD at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, where she also completed internship and residency. She then returned to Boston for her sub-specialty fellowship. She has worked as a medical reporter at the Miami Herald and her work is frequently published in the New York Times.

“Her first book, “You Can Stop Humming Now: A Doctor’s Stories of Life, Death, and In Between,” has received wide critical acclaim, including:

“Dazzling… Warmth and humanity radiate from every page…The patients in this book have something important to say, and so does the author. We should all be listening.”―USA Today.

“Heart-rending and inspiring” ―Kirkus (Starred Review)

“Thoughtful, reflective, and beautifully rendered…” ―Library Journal (Starred Review)

“A masterpiece of medical writing. More, it is a compelling new philosophizing of the ancient question of what it means to draw breath, to still be above ground…” – The Providence Journal

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