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Introducing | “Picks of the Week” by the Pell Center Fellows

Whether it’s cybersecurity or economics, the Pell Center fellows are highly active thought leaders in their fields. Starting this week, the Pell Center fellows will be sharing articles that caught their interest in their area of expertise:


“It is fundamental to reflect on the relationship between cybersecurity and socio-economic conditions to better inform how the policy decisions taken by governments, businesses and societal organizations today will shape the progress of technology and determine the future of global cybersecurity tomorrow. This report aims to give businesses and policy-makers a framework for evaluating today’s decisions and to effectively plan ahead. Ultimately, making more data-driven decisions and dedicating resources to support them can create a less daunting and more navigable terrain towards cyberspace for 2025, today, tomorrow, and beyond.”- Francesca Spidalieri, Fellow for Cyber Leadership

Income Inequality

“There is an interesting and important debate going on about the level and the consequences of “income inequality” in the U.S. The three articles above represent three different types of discussions. The first is a New York Times op-ed by economist Paul Krugman, followed by a response to Krugman in Forbes, written by a Manhattan Institute sociologist. Finally, see a  recent, thought-provoking book chapter written by a professor of Sociology and Political Science at the University of Arizona. The questions at the core of the discussion are ones that concern us all–Is it fine for a smaller percentage of Americans to own a growing share of our country’s wealth? Or should we shift some policies (e.g. related to early education, minimum wage, college loans, etc.) that could spread prosperity more broadly?”- Joseph Grady, Senior Fellow for Public Policy

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