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Exploring the Narratives that Have Shaped History and Conflict with Jade McGlynn

Air Dates: August 21-27, 2023

In grade school, we might learn history in class and think of it as a straightforward recitation of facts and dates.  Dr. Jade McGlynn however, explains that history’s stakes are high—shaping the collective memories and national narratives that can prepare a nation for great trials and even conflict.

McGlynn is an author and Research Fellow at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London.  Her research focuses on Russia’s war against Ukraine since 2014, propaganda, memory politics, and state-society relations in Russia.  Her newest books include, “Russia’s War,” was released in March 2023 and explains why Russians support the war on Ukraine.  “Memory Makers: The Politics of the Past in Putin’s Russia,” released in June 2023, discusses how the Kremlin rebuilt a mythical past to justify a militant present.  Both books are based on over a decade of research into Russian politics of memory and propaganda, including McGlynn’s doctoral research she completed at the University of Oxford.  You can find her journalism and expert commentary on all things Russia in a wide variety of international media outlets, from CNN to The Times.  She is a frequent contributor to BBC, Deutsche Welle, The Telegraph and The Spectator. This is in addition to her academic work at King’s College London and her policy work with New Diplomacy Project and CSIS.  McGlynn is often engaged as a public speaker and to consult on issues of foreign policy, diplomacy and defense relating to Russia and Ukraine by governments and organizations in the United Kingdom, the U.S., and beyond.

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