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The End of Moderate Conservatism: Foreign and Domestic Ramifications

As a tumultuous year comes to a close, Senior Fellow Iskander Rehman takes a deep look at some of the more profound transformations underway under the Trump administration—whether  in the realm of politics or foreign affairs.


Rise of the Reactionaries: The American Far Right and U.S. Foreign Policy

Many of Trump’s core foreign policy beliefs are less unique than they seem at first, stemming from a longstanding reactionary tradition in American politics. The future of this foreign policy is closely tied to an intense ideological battle currently being waged within the Republican Party.

Download is available at The Washington Quarterly 


The Corruption of American ConservatismCorruption of American Conservatism

In this Pell Center publication, Dr. Rehman chronicles the corruption of American conservatism in the Trump era. Many of America’s leading postwar conservative intellectuals, he argues, would have trouble recognizing the current ideological trajectory of the GOP.

Download the full report: Corruption of American Conservatism.



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