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CAI Managed IT Joins the Rhode Island Corporate Cybersecurity Initiative (RICCI) in the Battle Against Cyber Crime

NEWPORT, RI – CAI Managed IT announced that Frank Motta, executive vice president, has been invited by the Pell Center’s Rhode Island Corporate Cybersecurity Initiative (RICCI) to host a 45-minute, educational session on cybersecurity and business continuity technology and solutions for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs). The presentation will take place on Tuesday, November 11th at Salve Regina University’s Pell Center in Newport, Rhode Island.

RICCI brings together senior leaders from the defense industry, financial services, technology, health care, energy, transportation, and telecommunication to addresses the most critical cybersecurity challenges facing the private sector, encourage cybersecurity awareness and training, promote best practices, business continuity and resiliency planning, and develop approaches to share cyber threat information and assure legal and regulatory compliance.

“The Rhode Island Corporate Cybersecurity Initiative is an exceptional program that targets a growing risk to businesses in the digital age. We seek to help Rhode Island business leaders and companies to be aware of and ready for cyber-threats,” said Pell Center Fellow Francesca Spidalieri. “CAI Managed IT, as a company that is in the trenches helping SMBs protect their organizations against cyber incidents, brings a unique perspective to the real-world challenge of cyber-threats and the very latest solutions to cybersecurity preparedness and business resiliency.”

Mr. Motta’s presentation will focus on the need for a holistic, company-wide strategy to minimizing an organization’s exposure to cyber criminals. He will discuss various approaches and best practices around cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and business continuity, and will highlight some of the affordable, technology solutions available to SMBs today.

“Securing a business against the sophistication and frequency of cyber attacks, whether it be a computer virus, a hacked website—even a well-intentioned but careless employee can seem daunting, particularly if the organization is of modest size or the kind of place that doesn’t have a crack team of cybersecurity experts on staff,” Mr. Motta said. “As a provider of managed IT services to businesses across Rhode Island and Southeastern New England, and a company dedicated to helping our clients manage and protect their IT assets, we are pleased to have the opportunity to offer our insights.”

This is an invitation-only event so participants must be confirmed in advance. Please RSVP by Monday, November 3, 2014 to [email protected] or [email protected]. The event is free of charge. Additional information for the November event will be available shortly on the RICCI website at

The Rhode Island Corporate Cybersecurity Initiative is supported by The Verizon Foundation for the 2014-2015 academic year.

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