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The Last Stand: A Final Look at the Polls Before Election Day 2012 (Op-Ed)

A summary of this morning’s polls on The New York Times, The Washington Post and Real Clear Politics: an edge for President Barack Obama in the Electoral College, a veritable deadlock between Governor Mitt Romney (47.4%) and President Obama (47.8%) in the popular vote, and an uncertain turnout for the swing states.

In one final attempt to sway voters hours before Election Day, both candidates are currently wrapping up their presidential campaign tours in the swing states. President Obama appeared this morning in Madison, Wisconsin, and will also make stop in Columbus, Ohio and Des Moines, Iowa before ending the day in Chicago. Meanwhile, Governor Romney will launch an ambitious tour, traveling to Florida, Ohio, Virginia and New Hampshire.

As the 2012 campaign comes to a close, it is easy to recall the back-stabbing, exaggerated messages made by both political parties, perpetuated by partisan commentary and vicious campaign advertisements plastered on television, Internet and social media.  This election makes it hard to piece together the truth.

I urge you to look beyond the superficial pageantry of politics and look at the facts. Think deeply about the presidential candidate you are supporting this election, starting with these three questions:

What are his views and ideas for America?

What is his plan to make those ideas a reality?

How does his attitude, character, and ideology meet the qualifications to be a leader?

There are many other questions that need to be asked, and answered, but as citizens, we should have the knowledge and confidence behind our choices.

After pondering these questions, I also urge you to plan a time in your schedule tomorrow and make your way to your local polling station. Election Day represents the power Americans possess to make their voices heard. Why not exercise your right as a citizen?

Still not convinced? Watch Champion The Vote’s “Why Vote?” and The New York Times and filmmaker Errol Morris’s “11 Excellent Reasons Why Not to Vote?”. These videos may not offer fancy statistics, but they give insight as to what inspires people vote and how it makes a difference.


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