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Life Beyond Traumatic Brain Injury with Jamie MoCrazy

Air Dates: May 29-June 4, 2023

Anyone who has ever enjoyed watching sports will typically concede that part of the appeal is absolute wonder at the skill, drive, courage, and commitment it takes to perform at the highest levels.  Jamie MoCrazy embodied all of those attributes as an extreme skier until a traumatic brain injury ended her competitive career.

MoCrazy is an American freestyle skier and motivational speaker who began winning State Championships on Connecticut in gymnastics and skiing at age nine.  She was the first female skier to land a double backflip in a competition at the Winter X Games XVII in Aspen, Colorado.  Her professional career ended after a skiing accident in 2015 while she was competing in the World Tour Finals in Whistler where she sustained a traumatic brain injury.  Her injury and subsequent recovery has driven her career as a motivational speaker.  She also established MoCrazy Strong, Inc., that serves persons who have survived traumatic brain injury and their family caregivers.  The organization also works to raise awareness of traumatic brain injuries and for patient recovery efforts.  In 2023, MoCrazy co-directed the short documentary, “#MoCrazyStrong,” with Mark Locki, which premiered at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival and won the best biographical documentary short at the Atlanta DocuFest.  MoCrazy holds a bachelor’s degree in English Communications from Westminster College in 2019.

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