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In Remembrance: The Granite Mountain Hotshots

Tomorrow, the United States will celebrate the freedom of the American people, made possible by the Founding Fathers.

On Tuesday, 19 out of the 20 firefighters of the Granite Mountain Hotshots were killed battling the blaze in Yarnell, Arizona.

The New York Daily News confirmed the names of the fallen firemen:

Eric Marsh, Anthony Rose, Kevin Woyjeck, Chris MacKenzie, Scott Norris, Clayton  Whitted, Travis Turbyfill, Jesse Steed, Robert Caldwell, Dustin Deford, Sean  Misner, Scott Misner, Garret Zuppiger, Travis Carter, Wade Parker, Joe Thurston,  John Percin, William Warneke and Grant McKee.

It may not be Memorial Day, but Independence Day should honor today’s heroes who preserve the life and the liberty of the American people. The service provided by public officials–the military, the police department, and the fire department–are invaluable and need to be recognized as such everyday, not only when tragedy strikes.


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