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Dr. James Ludes

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  • March 23, 2023 at 1:28 pm

    I really enjoyed your program today with Clint Smith. I am 65 years old and recently penned my autobiography. This furthered my desire to share a very unique perspective. I took an an author and songwriter. I believe that you would also enjoy book. It is my first and received a 5 star review from a University of Oklahoma
    History Professor. Just Google Dana Clark-Jackson

  • May 4, 2023 at 2:25 pm

    Good show jessica grose. Its nice to see some positive news on our children. Our country thinks abortion is a given. Its murder. Babies even without a willing mother can be adopted to other women who want to be mothers. Women need to wait until marriage, yes i can hear the screams already, and make marriage the beautiful thing it was meant to be. Unwanted babies are a sad situation in this world. Sudan babies, Ethiopian, Afghanistan babies dying in mothers arms bc of greed in wealthy countries. Do we really appreciate life anymore? We’re the only species on earth that slaughter our own. You were so close today to getting into the meat of the subject of acknowledging the creuelty that humans are capable of. Children killimgs everday from guns, blame our video and TV programs for some of that. Idiocy and un noticed mental issues to blame? Look at the homeless now. Not more than 25 years ago did we see it coming and did nothing! Our govts are so corrupt and narrow minded that nobody even cares anymore. No rules are becoming commonplace. Women wont keep their legs together bc why not get pregnant and suck out the life the creator whoever it is, planned for life to flourous. Our planet being ruined bc billionaires wont give a damn bc too much money involved. Our young innocently dying from a first dose of drugs because DEA takes payoffs. They enjoy a little here and there themselves! Run away children bc govt wont hire enough social workers and make decent homes for rehabiltation for raped and beated boys and girls to go to. Salaries shameful! Churches cannot even began to solve these issues. Greed. Selfishness. Not learning the Bible or Torah and have news media stop the depressing news and putting ideas in children’s head at early ages. There are sick MFers out there and our MEDIA is all we have to bring lessons of the good, bad and ugly. Mostly how to do and where to go with emphasis on the few good senators. Representatives in this country whether democrat or republicanan should be pushed on air to get the other groups moving and bringing the govt to the realization that they are the only hope. Instead they throw softball questions. Its Not the churches and synogogs like it used to be, even they are not preaching the word like they should, they have becime social gathering and the revivalists in the past only brought down the trust in them. So, good for you today and i saw a glimmer of hope for a change toward something strong that could become a great country. News is all we see that has substance. Christiane Amonpour is incredibly unbiased in her interviews with with guests. Both sides, Democrats and Republicans should be strong enough to give a debatable interview without the fear left or far right getting their lives upset. We need REAL dialog. Margaret Brennan and Sherl Atkinson also good at bringing out the subjects we do not find on the boring, depressing evening and local news, i dont even waste my time anymore. World news is educational and foriegn correspondents great. Again, America too tied up in lobbyist, money greed and control. Who cares about billions to go to Mars? For Gods sake we cant even take care of this planet but the billionaires dont care because they are priviledge! No taxes! Think of the billions that could feed, clothe and protect for our children and domestic abused women with no where to go. Doped up people just trying to forget they have to live another day in this forgotten world of hopelessness. No its not heaven on earth. But we could make it better. We really could with strong enough reporters and producers who dare to do the right things, the controversal things, the things that may make them lose their jobs. But…is it so bad not to get a little place in the hills and find that God given peace that really isnt so bad afterall. Its worth a try i say…thanks for your shows and good interviews.

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