• Is Cybersecurity Legislation Finally Possible?

    Last week, the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee voted unanimously in favor of a long-anticipated cyber threat data-sharing bill, the Protecting Cyber Networks Act (PCNA). The bill—which draws largely upon the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) that the Senate Intelligence Committee passed two weeks ago—would grant legal liability protections for companies sharing cyber threat data with the government through a civilian portal. This official portal, most likely to be … Read More

  • Authorizing the Use of Force

    Obama’s Request for Congressional Authorization to Fight the Islamic State: Full Text | Washington Post Why Arming Kiev is a Really, Really Bad Idea | Foreign Policy National Security Strategy (February 2015) | NSA Archive This was a big week for national security wonks.  In less than a week, the Obama White House issued a new national security strategy—it’s first since 2010, speculation swirled over whether the United States should … Read More

  • Big Brother is Watching

    Even though PRISM is now out in the open, there are still many more surveillance programs collecting private information and communications without the owner’s knowledge or permission.  Over the past few weeks many of these programs have also come under a new light following Snowden’s big reveal. Here are a few government programs like PRISM that we should be aware of. PRISM – Allows government analysts to legally access data … Read More

  • Edward Snowden: Civic Hero or a Government Threat?

    As everyone now knows, the NSA has had the American public under high surveillance with access to phone logs from Verizon and AT&T and access to other user information from social media platforms and internet services. Snowden, currently in hiding in Hong Kong, will be extradited back to the United States, but according to a report from NBC, it is a process that would take several months–and he still needs … Read More