Every Day is Extra

  • John Kerry on Story in the Public Square

    Every Day is Extra with John Kerry

    Rebroadcast Dates: January 17-20, 2019 Original Air Dates: October 27-29, 2018 Over the last five decades, the United States has fought wars, worked for peace, achieved environmental breakthroughs, and struggled to pass on security—however, you might define that – to the next generation. More often, than not, you would have found guest, John Kerry in the middle of those fights. John Kerry is a visiting distinguished statesman at the Carnegie … Read More

  • LIVE TAPING with former United States Secretary of State John Kerry

    Interview with former United States Secretary of State John Kerry A special, live taping of “Story in the Public Square,” featuring former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry discussing his book, Every Day is Extra, and the stories shaping public life in the United States today. *Limited seats available. More information to come.   *Tickets are currently sold out. Please go to the Eventbrite web-page to be placed on the wait … Read More