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  • Seminar: “Building a Resilient Cyber Workforce”

    As the gap between the demand for cybersecurity talent and the supply of a professional workforce continues to widen, many have asked the questions: “where will the next generation of front-line defenders rise from? And why are we still facing a shortage despite the tech and cybersecurity industries being among the most in-demand, profitable, and critical fields in modern history?”  Industry and academia have begun to respond to this critical need and are finally … Read More

  • An American flag at center of a cyber grid

    Trump, Twitter, and the Tide of Cybersecurity: Picks of the Week

    Obama officials: There is hope for cybersecurity under Trump | The Christian Science Monitor At RSA, doubts abound over US action on cybersecurity | CSO Online The Rules of the Brave New Cyberworld | Foreign Policy This year’s RSA Conference—one of the largest cybersecurity conferences in the world—broke attendance records with over 40,000 participants, including cyber professionals, academics, and public servants. Although the conference has historically been focused primarily on security tools and … Read More