Pell Center

The Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy at Salve Regina is a multidisciplinary research center focused at the intersection of politics, policies and ideas.

December 28, 2020: Alexis Wichowski

Our nationality has long been a part of how we identify ourselves. But Alexis Wichowski surveys the rise of “net states,” big tech companies that are, increasingly, taking on roles traditionally played by nation-states.

January 4, 2021: Robert Kolker

Every family has its secrets. Robert Kolker tells the story of an all-American family in the middle of the 20th century forced to grapple with that era’s stigma and tragic consequences of serious mental illness.

December 7, 2020: Gayle Kababer

The uncertainty of a creative career—waiting for acceptance and dealing with rejection—can be an isolating experience. Gayle Kabaker turned artistic resilience into advice for coping through the pandemic.

December 14, 2020: 2020 Story of the Year with Evelyn Farkas

2020 is a year we won’t forget any time soon—though many of us might want to. From the impeachment trial of the president, through the pandemic, and the 2020 election, this year has seen more than it’s fair share of important narratives. Dr. Evelyn Farkas helps us make sense of them all and name our 2020 Story of the Year.

December 21, 2020: Jen Schwartz

Change may be an essential part of human existence, but Jen Schwartz explores the dislocations in human society caused by the speed with which the world is changing around us.

November 23: Lee Drutman

America’s founders feared the rise of political factions that would pit Americans against Americans.  Lee Drutman warns that the founders’ greatest nightmares have come true and threaten the health and welfare of our republic.

November 16, 2020: Andrew Siemion

Science fiction is full of stories about communication and contact with civilizations beyond the stars. Andrew Siemion leads a multi-national effort to scan the heavens for indications of intelligent life.

November 9, 2020: Maggie Smith

It is one of the cruel realities of life for every nation and every individual: we all suffer loss and disappointment. Maggie Smith is a poet whose new book offers wisdom—and hope—for anyone who knows that pain.

November 30, 2020: Gina Brillon

There hasn’t been a lot to laugh about in 2020, but Gina Brillon reminds us of the power of laughter and good humor even amidst so much tragedy.