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  • Wednesday 6th

    March 2019

  • From 09:00 AM

    To 10:30 AM

  • Pell Center

  • Free

Workshop: Cyber Crisis Management: how to plan, test, and exercise an effective cybersecurity simulation?

Why should organizations run cybersecurity simulations and exercises? Do you really know what it takes to prepare, test, and respond effectively to a significant cybersecurity incident? Does your organization have a clear understanding of how exercises and simulations should be conducted, who should be involved, and what the goals should be? Starting with clear and achievable objectives is always the first step and you will be on the right path to achieving an effective and memorable simulation exercise.

In this presentation, Rob Burton, CEO of PreparedEx, LLC will provide his insights into how to develop, deliver, and evaluate your cybersecurity exercises. Mr. Burton and his team regularly conduct these types of exercises for Fortune 500 and Global 100 businesses around the world.

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