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  • Tuesday 10th

    April 2018

  • From 09:00 AM

    To 11:00 AM

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Seminar & Panel Discussion: “Security Transformation and Cyber Risk Management”

Cyber threats are ever evolving and our organizations must constantly adjust to the new threat environment. Security protection used to start (and often end) with firewalls to create an impenetrable outside that would not let anyone or anything in. After several breaches, however, this mindset shifted from no longer having a “hard coated outside and a soft delicious inside,” to the next evolution of comprehensive vulnerability management. 2017 was an inflection year for cybersecurity with a plethora of large-scale breaches and significant cyber attacks, such as Equifax, Wanna Cry, and NotPetya. What’s next?  What is our next step in the evolution to protect our most valuable digital assets?  During this seminar, Mr. Nicholas Hayden, Director of Threat Intelligence at Anomali, will break down cyber risk and what it means to the overall security posture of an organization, and what the next evolution in security should be.

The seminar will be followed by a lively panel discussion with industry leaders and security practitioners who will share their experience with cyber risk management and the development of vulnerability and threat management processes.

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