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  • Tuesday 15th

    January 2019

  • From 09:00 AM

    To 10:30 AM

  • Pell Center

  • Free

Seminar: “Building a Resilient Cyber Workforce”

As the gap between the demand for cybersecurity talent and the supply of a professional workforce continues to widen, many have asked the questions: “where will the next generation of front-line defenders rise from? And why are we still facing a shortage despite the tech and cybersecurity industries being among the most in-demand, profitable, and critical fields in modern history?”  Industry and academia have begun to respond to this critical need and are finally heading in the right direction as the curiosity about cybersecurity is taking hold and prospective candidates realize they can have very rewarding careers and command impressive salaries in this field.

But, what are we doing to ensure that as cybersecurity job openings are filled, you are also facilitating a path to grow your current staff’s skills? Are you fostering their knowledge growth? Are you identifying the right candidates that fit your mission statement and can contribute to the needs of your organization?  During this workshop, Mr. O’Shea Bowens, Founder and CEO of Null Hat Security, will provide an overview of the cybersecurity industry and workforce needs, and discuss how to identify skills shortages within your organization and establish clear roles and skills needed to create an effective cybersecurity team (e.g., threat hunting, security analysts, DevOps, security engineers, etc.).  Mr. Bowens will also offer tips and advice on how to identify the right candidates to fill your current workforce gaps, how to develop and retain in-house resources, how to recruit and successfully onboard new staff, and ultimately become a leader within your cybersecurity community. Finally, he will discuss some of the ways you can generate heighten interest and awareness within your team, encourage in-house research, and engage with the information security community, including by participating in B-sides events, DefCon, OWASP, and other local meetups in more metropolitan areas.

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