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  • Tuesday 20th

    February 2018

  • From 09:00 AM

    To 10:30 AM

  • Pell Center

Seminar: Beyond the CISO – Corporate Leadership’s Proactive Role in Cybersecurity

Recent cyber attacks, whether against random victims or focused on a single target, can have an impact that exceeds the CISO’s span of control, solution sets, and expertise.  Today’s cyber crisis management require comprehensive leadership from the company’s senior executive team; a new kind of leadership that orchestrates public information campaigns, solution development, and ensures synchronization of horizontal and vertical business functions. However, until recently, business education did not include cybersecurity topics as part of the training that senior leaders received to lead successfully in the 21st Century. Today, corporate leadership cares less about data loss for the sake of information and more about information for the sake of decision making. Regulatory directives protecting information can be meaningless against rapidly evolving threats. Organizations must strike a balance between information privacy and security.

Mr. John Bone, UNISYS Global Director for Resiliency, will discuss how the public and private sectors can approach cybersecurity from a new and more effective perspective, and how they can create a dynamic security environment that contributes to an end-to-end cyber resiliency.