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    February 2019

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Data Security: Best Practices for SMBs in Today’s Cyber-connected World

Ransomware, malware, data theft, disruption of service, leakage of personal and financial data of employees and customers have, unfortunately, become common news for large as well as smaller businesses. Increasingly, small and medium-sized businesses’ (SMBs) websites and applications have also become victims of automated programs (also known as “bots”) attempting to install malware. In fact, since the FBI began collecting statistics in 2013, SMBs have lost more than $3 billion to email phishing scams and ransomware alone. SMBs are often the “low-hanging fruit” that opportunistic cyber criminals and other malicious hackers thrive on, recognizing that their technical defenses are likely not as robust as larger corporations, their employees are less trained, and that there may be more complacent thinking that their data is of little value. Another common mistake that SMBs often make as they start to prioritize cybersecurity is to invest in the latest and greatest technologies only to find that they lack the internal “know how” to implement the technology properly.

Frank Motta, Executive Vice President for CAI Software LLC and CAI Managed IT, will discuss the major risks facing SMBs and how they can deploy industry best practices to keep themselves, their employees – and their data — safe from cyber threats.  From hybrid, cloud-based data backups, and affordable firewall technology to employee education, Mr. Motta will provide a real-world view of how local SMBs are coping with persistent cyber threats.

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