Story in the Public Square

  • Abusers in Power and Their Impact on Public Issues with Ruth Colker

    Air Dates: February 21-27, 2022 It’s one thing to say that politics has always been a tough business, but it’s another to confront the reality that public insults have become more frequent, more intense, and more personal.  Ruth Colker explains this is not an accident, but often part of intentional efforts to hijack public issues. Colker is a leading scholar in the areas of Constitutional Law and Disability Discrimination and … Read More

  • “The People’s Gallery:” Art in the Heart of the Conflict with Tom Kelly and Kevin Hasson

    Air Dates: February 14-20, 2022 For one generation of Americans, civil and sectarian violence in Northern Ireland was brought into our homes through regular reporting on the nightly news. For a younger generation, it was brought home in the powerful lyrics of the band known as U2.  Tom Kelly and Kevin Hasson of the Bogside Artists are creating street art and murals that remember that era in Northern Ireland’s history. … Read More

  • Examining the Internet’s Impact on our Lives with Pamela Paul

    Air Dates: February 7-13, 2022 It’s not much of an exaggeration to say the internet changed all of us and everything around us.  Just look at the way we communicate, earn money, date, entertain, and inform ourselves.  Pamela Paul chronicles the things we’ve lost in the process—the charm that comes with some uncertainty and the romance of the time before the internet. Paul is the editor of The New York … Read More

  • “All of The Marvels” with Douglas Wolk

    Air Dates: January 31-February 6, 2022 Some of the most popular and profitable stories today are based on characters created and developed by authors and artists at Marvel Comics.  Douglas Wolk has read all 27,000 issues to unpack the hopes, anxieties, and cultural aspirations in their half-million pages. Douglas Wolk is a pop culture critic, teacher and writer, and the author of “All of the Marvels,” “Reading Comics” and “33 … Read More

  • Stories of Hope and Renewal in America’s Heartland with Art Cullen

    Air Dates: January 24-30, 2022 The rise of instant updates from today’s online news sources have left many to regard the local newspaper as a thing of the past.  But Art Cullen describes how he and his family have kept Iowa’s Storm Lake Times newspaper alive and prosperous in the digital age. Cullen is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and editor of The Storm Lake Times, a family-run weekly newspaper in … Read More

  • Watching Darkness Fall: Roosevelt and The Rise of Hitler’s Germany with David McKean

    Air Dates: January 17-23, 2022 In the 1930s, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt saw war coming with Hitler’s Germany even as he reconciled the isolationism of American politics with his own internationalist instinct.  Ambassador David McKean tells the story of FDR’s personal reliance on his hand-picked ambassadors to Europe in the critical years before America’s entry into World War II. David McKean served as United States Ambassador to Luxembourg from 2016-2017.  … Read More

  • Discussing the Legacy of Confederate Monuments in Richmond and Beyond with Michael Paul Williams

    Air Dates: January 10-16, 2022 Most Americans want to believe that the United States of America as a bastion of liberal democracy.  But Michael Paul Williams is a columnist whose work exposes the illiberal elements in American society, including white supremacy, banning books, and vigilantism. Michael Paul Williams is a native of Richmond and longtime columnist at the Richmond Times Dispatch.  Williams joined The Times Dispatch in 1982 and covered … Read More

  • Bringing the Story of America’s Opioid Crisis to the Screen with Danny Strong

    Air Dates: January 3-9, 2022 According to the CDC, more than 588,000 Americans have died from opioid overdose since 1999.  Danny Strong tells the story of that epidemic in “Dopesick,” a new series on Hulu. Danny Strong is one of the most prolific TV and big-screen talents today, with more than 75 acting, screenwriting, producing, directing, show running and creating credits, three directing credits, according to IMDB.  For writing, directing … Read More

  • Immigration and America’s Dairy Farms with Julie Keller

    Air Dates: June 10-16, 2019 Rebroadcast Dates: December 27, 2021-January 2, 2022 The super-heated rhetoric over immigration and border security in the United States today is part of a long tradition of anti-immigration hysteria.  Julie Keller puts our recent panic in a sociological context—exploring changes in who works on American dairy farms, and how they traveled from Latin America to farms in the upper-Mid-West. Julie C. Keller is an associate … Read More

  • Adapting to a Warmer Planet: “Fighting Climate Change after COVID-19” with Alice Hill

    Air Dates: December 20-26, 2021 The planet is warming.  This isn’t conjecture and it isn’t political: it’s the overwhelming conclusion of climate scientists from all over the world.  Now, for a long time, the debate has been over whether and how we mitigate the threats posed by climate change.  But Alice C. Hill warns that debate needs to be expanded to include a discussion about the things we must do … Read More